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Annual report 2013: The die is cast.

Do you find the title bold? Does it make you think of gambling, poker, or games of chance? And that at a time when the company is up for sale? Not bold, but honest as usual – that was the motto for the 2013 Annual Report.

20 years as key player on the leasing markets in CEE

VB-Leasing International is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year as one of the largest leasing companies in Central and Eastern Europe.
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Business Lines

As we are an international operating group we can offer a wide range of leasing objects at various leasing conditions.

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Become a Vendor Partner

Increase your clout on the Central and Eastern European markets.

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Annual Report 2013

Get some detailed information about VB Leasing Group.

Read more about facts & figures, investments and strategies in our VB Leasing Annual Report 2013.

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